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Supporting West Nortorn Township's program to purchase, staff and maintain an Eco Harvester machine to remove the invasive weeds from the Norristown Schuylkill River Basin.

Aquatic Weed Harvester - Harvesting Lake Weeds, Pulling, Collecting

Last season Invasive weeds infested over 100 acres of river with densely matted vegetation which rendered the river unusable  for fishermen , boaters , rowers , any water activity , swimmers , and local water  rescue teams asked for help –they could not access large sections  of the river . The Schuylkill scrub ( river clean up ) in 2017 removed 25,000 lbs of trash & debris during May with 459 volunteers also removing dozens of tires , 500 gal propane tank , entire boat trailer , 3 T.V.’s , king size mattress and 3,000+ glass and plastic bottles just from the  Norristown Basin .

Our first goal is to fund and support the operation of the Aquatic Week Harvester that is being used to remove the Invasive Weeds from our watershed.


We need your help to preserve our precious natural resource for our children and future generations.

SO please click here to help out with a Donation to our Go Fundme Site


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